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    • 14 APR 14
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    Mentioning the unmentionables: Digestive problems of pregnancy

    Mentioning the unmentionables: Digestive problems of pregnancy

    There are many aspects of pregnancy that make our patients glow with joy: The first gentle rounding of your belly. The first kick or wriggle of your baby. The day you find out if you’re carrying a boy or a girl. Unfortunately, not every aspect of pregnancy will give you that warm fuzzy glow. Some, like constipation, hemorrhoids

    • 07 APR 14
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    More Early Signs of Pregnancy

    More Early Signs of Pregnancy

    So now that we’ve moved through the joys of fatigue, food aversions, scent sensitivities, and nausea and vomiting, let’s consider some other symptoms that many pregnant patients experience in the first trimester (and in some cases beyond): Breast swelling and tenderness. Many women enjoy experiencing a new size or the anticipation of nursing, but others

  • Hospital Pre-Registration

    Hospital Pre-Registration

    It is optimal that you pre-register at the hospital where you plan to delivery around 32-34 weeks.  This will enable a smooth admission for you at the time of your delivery.  While it would be seem very simple to go ahead and register on-line unfortunately the hospital is no longer offering that service. They are